Goji OG 510 Thread Cartridge



THC: 80 - 86 %

CBD: 0 - 0 %

Foray Vape Cartridges are designed to be used with Foray Batteries, available in the Foray Vape Cartridge Starter Packs and are also sold separately. Foray vapes offer a discreet introduction to cannabis consumption. Our vape formulations are made with only high-quality cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. The terpenes in this Hybrid blend are inspired by the strain Goji OG with Limonene as the dominant terpene providing hints of lemon, lime and juniper flavours. None of these vapes contain vitamin E acetate. Foray vapes are tested rigorously and use a proprietary battery and hardware system that is calibrated specifically to our vape cartridges, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience with every use. Each vape pen uses leak resistant technology.

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1164 Queen St W, Toronto


Wonder Buds Cannabis

4635-A Queen St, Niagara Falls